Eco-Friendly Coffuel

Fuel of the future – briquettes, fire logs and pellets

Coffuel is biofuel manufactureed from coffee husks and pulp, and the line of products is 100% usable from crop to ash. Learn more about the benefits of Coffuel for industrial utilization.

A Fuel Source that is

Efficient. Cost Effective. Eco-Friendly.

We strive to be an ecotechnology company recognized for its high-quality products, continuous innovation and commitment to social and environmental change. Learn why Coffuel is more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly than other fuel sources.


Highly effective products that drive significant savings to your bottom line when compared to traditional fossil fuels and wood pellets.


We will drive an increase in your environmental/sustainability programs by reducing the negative impact to CO2 emissions, SO2 emissions and deforestation.

Efficient Fuel Source

The ignition time for our products is much lower making the startup time for reaching peak calorific power much shorter.

Full product cycle benefits

A product line that provides benefits throughout the entire cycle since the ashes can be used as fertilizer for flowers, plants and trees.

Industrial Fuel Source
Industrial Fuel Source

Coffuel for

Industrial Applications

Heating source costs, environmental awareness and government regulations have led to an increased need for alternative fuel sources for industrial companies.
Coffuel Industrial Pellets provide higher performance and result in spending less for greater benefits including a more environmentally friendly approach.
We are committed to helping our industrial clients through proof of positive results.

Industrial Applications

Coffuel for

Commercial Applications

Coffuel Smoke Pellets and Coffuel Roast Briquettes are great products for restaurateurs around the globe.

Coffuel Smoke Pellets are great for restaurants that pride themselves in well-smoked meats and cuisine, and Coffuel Roast Briquettes are perfect for restaurants looking for a heating source for their stoves or open fired pizza stoves.

Our products will result in better quality and lower cost which will allow you to continue to serve great food to your customers.

Commercial Applications
coffuel for commercial fuel
Coffuel - grillings best kept secret
Coffuel - grillings best kept secret

Coffuel for


Consumers can take advantage of our products at home and on the road. 

Coffuel products are great for family barbeques, camping trips, fireplaces, bonfires, etc. 

We are focused on giving consumers environmentally friendly products that will keep families and friends enjoying this great earth for generations to come.

Consumer Applications