Industrial Fuel Source
Our Mission & Vision

Coffuel’s Mission

To create environmentally friendly products that will power companies and consumers alike while playing a large role in saving the planet for generations to come.

Coffuel’s Vision

“To be an ecotechnology company recognized for its high-quality products, continuous innovation and commitment to social and environmental change.”
– Carl Gilbert

Meet Coffuel

As a company, Garcabas LLC is the first to bring a product line to market focused on using coffee pulp and husk as the key raw materials along with an ecological eco-enhancer. Coffuel was created based on using (coffee) to produce an alternative (fuel) source for our three target segments: industrial, commercial and consumer. Coffuel has a wide array of biomass products that are more efficient and effective than traditional heating sources such as fossil fuels and even better than more modern products like wood pellets.

The use of fossil fuels has a significant impact on land degradation, water contamination, and air quality. While wood pellets are better than fossil fuels, the product plays a large role in deforestation even as companies focus on sustainability programs.

Our products were created with a focus on solving three problems:

  • Save companies and consumers money on fuel and cooking sources.
  • Significantly reduce the harmful impact on our environment by producing eco-friendly products.
  • Give back globally so generations to come can enjoy a “cleaner” Earth.

Coffuel has another benefit factor that only applies to our product line. Every stage of the product benefits the customer and/or the environment. Our products are easier to ignite, burn with a higher calorific power, produce less CO2 and Sulfur, and produce ashes that can be used as fertilizer to help with flower, plant, and tree growth.