Coffuel for Commercial

Alternative Fuel for Heating & Cooking

Why Coffuel for a commercial fuel alternative?

We’re changing the industry.

Highly effective products that drive significant savings to your bottom line when compared to traditional fossil fuels and wood pellets.

We will drive an increase in your environmental/sustainability programs by reducing the negative impact to CO2 emissions, SO2 emissions and deforestation.

Efficient Fuel Source
The ignition time for our products is much lower making the startup time for reaching peak calorific power much shorter.

Full product cycle benefits
A product line that provides benefits throughout the entire cycle since the ashes can be used as fertilizer for flowers, plants and trees.

We serve the commercial segment by offering several products based on the client’s business and needs. Coffuel industrial pellets have been used by commercial companies who, like industrial companies, need a higher calorific heating source to create an end product or provide energy for the company.

Coffuel Smoke Pellets are creating a buzz of excitement for restaurants who are looking for a solution to smoke meats and vegetables. This product was designed specifically to allow a controlled flow of smoke to give food that perfect taste. Great chefs plus Coffuel Smoke Pellets result in an awesome restaurant experience for your patrons.

Coffuel Roast Briquettes are used by restaurants as the heating source for their stoves and is also used for open flame cooking, especially for traditional “wood” fired pizza restaurants. Our roast briquettes provide a more efficient cooking source, and they promote a more eco-friendly approach for restaurants. Together, we can continue to positively impact the go green initiative while serving great food for people to enjoy.

  • Coffuel Smoke Pellets and Coffuel Roast Briquettes are great products for restaurateurs around the globe.
  • Coffuel Smoke Pellets are great for restaurants that pride themselves in well-smoked meats and cuisine, and Coffuel Roast Briquettes are perfect for restaurants looking for a heating source for their stoves or open fired pizza stoves.
  • Our products will result in better quality and lower cost which will allow you to continue to serve great food to your customers.

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