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How Reducing Fossil Fuels Helps the Earth

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How Reducing Fossil Fuels Helps the Earth

If you’ve been involved in environmental protection work in recent years, you’ve likely learned that fossil fuels damage the earth and that reducing our use of these fuels can help protect the world around us. But what are the tangible benefits of fossil fuel reduction? In this post, we’ll explore how reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is improving the local, national, and global environment.

Minimize Global Warming

One of the main ways in which fossil fuel use has impacted the earth is global warming. The data shows that when fossil fuels are burnt, they release carbon dioxide, which is a gas primarily responsible for climate change across the globe.

Not only is climate change and global warming devastating animal populations, but it’s also causing the melting of the polar ice caps. Studies show that as the polar ice caps melt more each year, sea levels are rising. With sea levels rising, low lying areas are experiencing more flooding. The resulting damage is now making low-lying countries across the world uninhabitable and increasing the risk of life-altering weather events.

Reducing Potential Accidents

As with the devastation caused by climate change, we’ve also noticed how fossil fuel accidents have damaged local environments throughout the globe. For example, oil spills have caused damage to sea life in the United States and sent harmful crude oil across oceans. Many of these oil spills take many years of recovery work and, in some cases, the local environment around the shore will never fully recover.

By reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we’ve been able to move to safer forms of energy production, such as solar power and wind power, both of which are designed for a minimal negative impact upon the local environment and are reliable fossil fuel alternatives.

Safeguard Human Health

Beyond the clear impact on our earth and the world around us, fossil fuels are known to have a direct impact on our health as human beings. The processing of oil and coal releases damaging carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That has led to a significant rise in cases of asthma and poor lung function in countries throughout the globe. Many studies also point out the link between cardiovascular disease and global warming.

By eliminating fossil fuels over time, we can slowly begin to improve our base health levels and provide a safer environment for our children to grow up in.

Ensuring Fuel is Available for the Future

One key benefit of reducing fossil fuel use is ensuring that fossil fuels are available for use in the future. With population levels expected to increase rapidly over the coming years, fossil fuels are being diminished at a higher rate, and so it will be important to introduce conservation methods in order to ensure there’s enough fuel to sustain the population for the long term.

Damage Caused During Extraction

The significant impact of fossil fuels extends beyond the processing of the material for fuel. The extraction process greatly impacts the environment. For example, when extracting coal from the ground through coal mines, teams must first use invasive techniques such as mountaintop removal and strip mining to prepare the area for fossil fuel extraction. These sites often never return to their natural state after they’ve been used for the fossil fuel extraction process.

Human Cost of Mining

Another element to consider during the extraction process is the threat of injury or death to miners on a regular basis. Those working in dark and cramped mines are often using explosives and other dangerous equipment to extract fossil fuels, and over the years, their work has led to several disasters. In states such as West Virginia, workers continue to die in coal mine-related accidents each year, highlighting the dangers of the extraction process.

Finding Fossil Fuel Alternatives is the Key to Reducing Use

The key to reducing the use of fossil fuels and eventually eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels altogether will be finding effective alternatives. So far, solar power technologies and wind power technologies are the leading fossil fuel alternatives being utilized across the United States. Scientists around the world are now working together to find new sources of green energy.

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