Types of Fuel for Cooking this Summer

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Coffuel - grillings best kept secret

Learning the differences between types of cooking fuel can help you to understand the value of each product. Our team at Coffuel specializes in providing exceptional pellets made from coffee husks and pulp. In this latest post, we’re highlighting a few summer grilling secrets to help you cook effectively throughout the summer.

Propane Gas

Propane gas has long been used for summer cooking throughout North America as homeowners depend on their propane barbeques for creating delicious meals for family and friends. Propane gas grills have taken backyard barbeques by storm as an easy and time-saving way to grill your favorite meals. Unlike charcoal or pellets, propane doesn’t offer barbeque smoke flavor that many people enjoy. 


Charcoal is another staple of the barbeque season, particularly for those who enjoy cooking during their camping excursions. The difficulty of working with charcoal is that you must maintain a fire and pay close attention to how the heat is traveling across your grill. If you have enough time, and you’re able to spend an hour or more to create the ideal charcoal setting for your cooking process, you can achieve exceptional results. The taste tests show that charcoal delivers a superior result for cooking chicken and other meats.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the more convenient options for cooking in the summer season. However, connecting a natural gas line to your outdoor cooking system can be difficult and may require professional assistance. One of the benefits of natural gas is that it provides a constant flow of gas to your cooking area. The gas also burns cleaner than propane gas, so it has a number of environmental benefits that propane cannot match. For example, the smoke emitted from the barbeque won’t be as harmful to the environment, and the smoke will have fewer pollutants. Like propane, natural gas cannot deliver the nice smoky taste that charcoal and pellets deliver.

Wood Pellets

Many homeowners are now switching over to cooking with wood pellets this summer season. They are a style of compressed wood that can be used as cooking fuel. One advantage that wood pellets can have over other fuel sources is that the pellets can come in different flavors, which can provide your meals with distinct smoky tastes that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. Make sure you consider the type of wood pellet used and the experience others have had in cooking with the product.

Electric Heat

Electric heating has been a leading part of the summer cooking process for generations. Instead of requiring combustion, it relies on a connection to the electric grid and acts similarly to a frying pan when you’re cooking meals.

One issue many have noticed when cooking with electric heat is that they are unable to replicate the taste of meat that’s been cooked over charcoal, pellets or gas. It’s one of the summer grilling secrets rarely considered by many home cooks. A key advantage of electric cooking for your summer meals is that electric systems are highly portable as long as you have an electrical outlet, and they offer simple temperature control.

Coffuel Smoke Pellets

Our smoke pellets are great for grills and smokers and produce amazing flavor for meats and vegetables. Faster ignition time and superior heating result in great food using Coffuel products. For master grillers who love smoking ribs, chicken and other types of meat, this product is for you!

Coffuel Firewood Briquettes

Coffuel firewood briquettes are designed to provide an easy and effective cooking experience. They are also simple to use on the road for convenient cooking on your camping trips. The ignition time for our products is much shorter than similar products, ensuring that you can eat your delicious summer meals in a quicker timeframe.

Coffuel Fire Logs

Coffuel fire logs are often used for in-home heating purposes but can also be utilized as a great fuel source for cooking. When you’re hosting a bonfire or a campfire, you can use our fire logs for a completely natural way to cook your favorite meals over an open flame. The products are highly suitable for environmentally friendly cooking, as the ashes from all Coffuel products can be used as fertilizer for plants and flowers during the summer season.

Homeowners across the country are looking to get back to nature and to natural cooking sources. Take advantage of using one of the many Coffuel products this summer to grill and enjoy your favorite meals. Our team at Coffuel is here to help in preserving the environment and offering the very best cooking fuel products on the market. To discover more about our products and our company background, call today at 1-833-383-5258 Ext 1.

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