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4 Reasons To Use An Eco-Friendly Fuel For Your Manufacturing Plant

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4 Reasons To Use An Eco-Friendly Fuel For Your Manufacturing Plant

Companies are faced with increased pressure to increase revenues, margins, and EBITDA while delivering a great end product to their customer base.  One component of financial success is the ability to be as cost-efficient as possible. 

Manufacturing plants depend on reliable fuel sources to power and heat the facility, and sometimes the fuel source is part of the process that develops the company’s product(s).  Using the right fuel source can improve overall efficiency while reducing costs.  Choosing the right fuel can also help the environment as companies drive purposeful sustainability plans.  More and more companies are looking at eco-friendly fuel sources to deliver on financial goals and environmental commitments.

Here are five reasons why companies should choose eco-friendly fuel to power their business:

1 – More Fuel Efficient

The old adage about time being money applies to any business, and the manufacturing process depends on a fuel source that can drive high levels of efficiency.  Eco-friendly fuel sources, such as pellets, drive greater efficiency in two ways: 

One way eco-friendly fuel can make a difference is in better ignition times. Pellets have a faster ignition time compared to most fossil fuels, and the ignition time will vary based on the type of pellets.  Faster ignition times mean getting to maximum heat levels quicker. 

The second way eco-friendly fuel can make a difference is in the time it takes to reach maximum heat levels.  Different types of fuel will have different durations for when they are burning at peak efficiency and providing maximum caloric value for putting out the desired level of heat and energy.  Eco-friendly fuel sources, like pellets, can reach maximum calorific power faster than most fossil fuels or wood-based products. 

Greater efficiency means less downtime waiting for temperatures to reach the desired level before work can begin.

2 – Recycle The Remains

With some fuel that is burned, such as coal, for example, the ashes left after the burning process have no further use. Companies have no choice but to dispose of the ashes which go to landfills like many post-use products.

Eco-friendly fuels, however, still provide benefits after being burned! The ash that remains is still viable for use as a fertilizer.  Companies can use the ashes as fertilizer for plants and flowers at their facility or allow employees to take the ashes to use as fertilizer at home.  Packaging and selling the ashes is another option for companies if it fits within the company’s business model.  All of the options listed here are great additions to a company’s sustainability plan. 

3 – Get Ahead Of The Curve

Leveraging eco-friendly fuel sources is driven by the country’s government influence and a greater number of companies that are intensely focused on driving sustainability plans.  A high percentage of countries are passing laws forcing companies to have a greater social and environmental impact.  These laws focus companies on using eco-friendly fuel sources, and some laws enforce penalties for companies that continue to use environmentally harmful products and practices.  Countries are also providing incentives for companies that use eco-friendly fuel sources. 

More and more companies are building sustainability programs that serve as critical pillars to the company’s strategic imperatives.  Sustainability plans focus on everything from recycling efforts to using eco-friendly fuel sources.  Millions of dollars are saved by companies driving sustainability plans, and the efforts are influencing other companies to start similar programs.  Customers are showing their support of eco-friendly fuel sources with their wallets.  Customers are choosing to do business with companies that have greater environmental and social values.

4 – Helping The Environment

While there are efforts to explore the possibilities of life on other planets, it is critically important for all of us to protect Earth for future generations.  The choice to use eco-friendly fuels is a commitment to the environment and the future. Industrial activity is a key player in contributing to the safety—or decline—of the biosphere that we all live in. Whatever choices a commercial or industrial operation chooses for its manufacturing activities, these choices will have a significant impact on the environment.

The use of eco-friendly fuel helps lower the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. CO2 is one of the primary culprits in creating a thicker layer in the atmosphere that is contributing to an overall rise in temperature.  Eco-friendly fuels are not as toxic and make for a cleaner atmosphere, which benefits everyone.

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