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Choosing the Right Industrial Fuel Supplier

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Industrial Fuel Source

There are several key considerations when choosing a fuel supplier for your organization. The effectiveness and efficiency of the fuel, as well as the overall cost, are the most important factors in the decision-making process. There is one additional factor that is sometimes overlooked, and that is partnership fit with the selected company. There are many different companies in the industrial fuel services sector. So, the partner you select must have a comprehensive understanding of your needs and their role in supporting your company. Coffuel products are extremely effective, efficient and economical, and our leadership team is committed to creating long-term partnerships founded on exceptional client experiences. In this new post, we’re highlighting some of the key considerations and how we align well with delivering on those considerations with our Coffuel industrial pellets.

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Current Supplier vs Other Suppliers

All Coffuel products go through extensive testing, and results are recorded to help gauge any improvements needed to continuously improve results. Calorific power, CO2 & SO2 emissions, and ash content are just a few of the metrics that are recorded and tracked during testing rounds. Our industrial pellets have a neutral rating for CO2, a faster ignition point and lower SO2. Coffuel industrial pellets are positively disrupting the biomass fuel industry, and you can see how the product compares to other fuel sources including fossil fuels and wood pellets.  Click here for a free copy of our comparison chart.

Cost Based on Demand

Based on your fuel consumption forecast, it is important to find the most economical product from a company you can rely on. Can the company help you save money in the years ahead? While cost is not the only consideration, it should be a key element in your decision-making process when contemplating whether to switch suppliers. Our products are competitively priced, and our leadership team is determined to help companies reduce their total fuel cost over the long-term.

Environmental Benefits

Ensure that the company you’re working with can meet your demands in terms of environmental value. As mentioned earlier, our products have a neutral CO2 rating and the lowest SO2 emissions.  In addition, we have the lowest ash content post utilization. Companies across the industry are now choosing fuels that offer benefits throughout their lifecycle. For example, Coffuel industrial pellets are designed to be a cost-effective and energy-efficient fuel source, and ashes from the fuel can be used as fertilizer for plants and trees. Utilizing this type of environmentally friendly fuel source can help showcase your brand as an environmental leader and limit your energy costs in the process.

Support Services

Post-on-boarding support is one of our foundational pillars to build lucrative and productive long-term business relationships. In some cases, you may require access to large amounts of industrial fuel on short notice. For example, you are under pressure from a significant client and need to depend on your supplier for a larger than normal amount of fuel. Our team is here to provide options that will allow you to respond quickly to changes in demand from your clients. We are committed to providing you with best-in-class support services that result in exceptional experiences for you and your clients.

Discuss Your Needs with Coffuel

Our trusted and experienced team at Coffuel is available to discuss how our products can immediately help your business and continue to add substantial value for years to come. Our knowledge of the industry and our commitment to environmentally friendly products means we can help you consolidate your fuel expenditures and achieve greater energy efficiency.

To discover more about our company and the full assortment of fuel products we offer, please call us today at 1-833-383-5258 Ext 1.

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