Coffuel Industrial Pellets

Fuel for Power Plants

Why Coffuel for an industrial fuel alternative?

We’re changing the industry.

Highly effective products that drive significant savings to your bottom line when compared to traditional fossil fuels and wood pellets.

We will drive an increase in your environmental/sustainability programs by reducing the negative impact to CO2 emissions, SO2 emissions and deforestation.

Efficient Fuel Source
The ignition time for our products is much lower making the startup time for reaching peak calorific power much shorter.

Full product cycle benefits
A product line that provides benefits throughout the entire cycle since the ashes can be used as fertilizer for flowers, plants and trees.

Coffuel industrial pellets are a great alternative fuel source for a variety of industrial companies. Our pellets can be used in plants focused on utilizing biomass energy, co-firing and a combination of heating and power. Some of the industries that will benefit from our pellets are, but not limited to power plants, steel manufacturers, cement manufacturers, silos and glass work companies.

Heating source costs, environmental awareness and government regulations have led to an increase in alternative sources for industrial companies. Coffuel Industrial Pellets provide higher performance for industrial companies and result in spending less for a greater benefit.

There is increased awareness across the globe when it comes to environmental issues, and Coffuel products address these issues in a way that is more powerful than any other heating source available. Our products have a neutral rating for C02 emissions which is notably better than other fuel sources. Coffuel also produces less ash than coal, wood or wood pellets and the ash from our production can be used as fertilizer for flowers, plants, and trees. We are focused on partnering with companies to make huge strides towards a multi-tier sustainable management program. Sustainability programs must be transparent as it drives social, environmental, and economic improvements.

Government regulations are playing a major role in the type of fuel companies can use as a heating source. There are bonuses for companies who commit to promoting greener business and some governments are imposing penalties for companies who continue to use fuel sources that are harmful to the environment.

Coffuel is designed to produce results that companies can showcase as industry leaders in going green or focusing on a more eco-friendly environment. Our products reduce or eliminate costly penalties for using banned sources, increase bonuses for reducing harmful impact on the environment, and drive brand recognition for a commitment to increase eco-friendly programs.

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